To nurture the students requires attention, hence, we maintain an optimum Teacher Student Ratio for every batch.
To make sure every student has the opportunity to train to perfection, the workstations are arranged for every individual student during their sessions.
At the academy, theory and practice go hand in hand with the perfect balance of understanding, demonstrations and live sessions by the students.
Accommodation and food for students who opt for the Residential mode : The residential mode includes stay, cafeteria and laundry for the students. The academy’s accommodation is at a walkable distance from the class rooms and practice areas. There is also a dining facility for the students which includes breakfast, lunch, tea and evening tea during the course.
The academy is located in secured premises with a 24/7 Professional Security team of men and women. In addition, student and staff orientation sessions to the code of behavior and policies are enforced for student’s safety and security. Non-compliance to the policy standards attracts disciplinary action with a zero tolerance policy for sexual harassment.
The academy can be reached from various road routes from the city and is a 40 minute drive. The academy offers a morning evening transport facility from designated pick up and drop points for students at an extra charge.
The Academy conducts placement services at the conclusion of every course. In addition, the academy debriefing includes the art of being an entrepreneur in the your own right.
  • Apprentice with a Salon & Spa chain to gain customer experience.
  • A fulltime job at a progressive & Creative beauty chain or stand-alone Salon & Spa with a min Salary of 10K to 15K
  • Teaching Assistance for 2 years with a pay of 15K to 20K
  • Educator full time for 2 to 5 years - Pay 20k to 50k
  • Work for a plat form Artist or a beauty distribution company
  • Salon Manager or Salon operator – 20K to 30K
  • Own your own salon – Investment 30L to 50L, for an earning of 2 to 3 lakhs a month
  • Work for a beauty chain distributor in sales or as technical rep – 20 to 30k
  • Join online beauty companies like urban clap or house joy for 30K to 40K on your own schedule
  • Apply for a Job in over 80 Countries.