About Us


Industry Overview

In the recent years, India has emerged as one of the fastest growing economies in the world largely driven by service-sector activities, which have significantly contributed to exceptional growth potential. The Hospitality and Tourism Industry in the Country has been showing consistent growth and prosperity due to ever increasing inflow of business and leisure travelers.  This continued growth in tourism sector opens up a spectrum of employment opportunities in hospitality and travel trade.

Hospitality Management personnel are in great demand not only in hotels and resorts but also in corporate sector including MNC’s, airlines, hospitals, health clinics, in-flight kitchen, cruise ships, BPO sector, fast food chains, and event management companies etc.


The Leo Academy of Hospitality & Tourism Management (LAHTM) is established under “Leo Educational Society” with an aim to impart quality education for future hospitality professionals.  We are recognized for the excellence in the field of hospitality education and training.  As one of the most innovative and dynamic Hotel Management Institutes, we are determined to create a World-Class centre for the aspirants of hospitality education. The institute is also committed in supplementing the hospitality industry by adapting a more practical and technically sound approach in its curriculum.

The Difference

Experiential learning, technological orientation, social and environmental sensitivity are some of the special features of the hospitality courses offered by the institute. LAHTM has a strong industry background and is attached with a world-class holistic destination which includes THREE/FIVE STAR hotels with 462 rooms and another FIVE STAR project Hotel with 903 Rooms under construction, all located within the Campus. It is also supported by a group of industry professionals who are a perfect blend of experience and vision along with a modern outlook. Thus, the institute imparts value of professionalism both in thoughts and practice.