Placement Cell →

Leo Academy of Hospitality and Tourism Management in collaboration with few esteemed hotels provide the students with essential industrial training and placements.

As a part of their curriculum this experience will help them in venturing into the real world and acquiring a more practical understanding of the Hospitality and Tourism industries.

Listed below are few of the hotels and establishments Leo Academy has collaborated with over the years:

Working with Leonia Holistic Destination →

As a part of Leo Academy of Hospitality & Tourism, the students get the opportunity to intern and train at Leonia Holistic Destination. Right adjacent the academy, the holistic destination is a rich source of guidance and education in multifarious activities such as infrastructure, academic, industrial exposure, training and placement.

The selected students will work full time or part time at the destination in various departments experiencing a practical hospitality environment.

Scholarships →

Telangana Epass is the scholarship offered to underprivileged students by Telangana State Government. There is no age limit to apply for this scholarship provided the eligible students maintain 75% and above attendance at the end of each semester.

A standard tuition fee of Rs. 35,000/- per year will be awarded.

Eligibility Criteria →

Students from SC, ST categories with annual parental income of Rs. Two Lakhs or below;

BC, EBC and Disabled Welfare Students with parental income of Rs. One lakh or below